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Here's why this is important Americans know that government is broken. But Washington insiders will never fix it. Bureaucracy is their safe nest. They won’t let the new president fix it either. That’s why we must join together to demand a historic overhaul. The solutions are relatively easy— remaking government into simple frameworks that allow people to take charge again. What’s hard is overthrowing the Washington status quo. It will only happen with your help...

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The Stupid List

“Nothing that’s any good works by itself. You got to make the damn thing work.” – Thomas Edison. America is in a tough spot. But the truth is it’s not that hard to make things work. The Stupid List is our call to stop the madness and make the damn thing work.

The Weekly Stupid

The elephant in the ongoing debate over health care is why health care in the U.S. costs twice as much as in other developed countries. One of the main drivers is bureaucracy. Read full article